Kickstarter Watch: Andrej(a)

Andreja Pejic is a household name for those submersed in the fashion industry. As many of you may (or may not) know, she is a transgender woman and has been navigating post-op life since early 2014. Initially entering the fashion industry as an “androgynous” model, Pejic was faced with pressure to exist as a male model – her New York Magazine cover naming her “Male Model of the Year” that also dubbed her “the prettiest boy alive” only intensified the stress Andreja was experiencing.

Little did the public know, she was struggling with her career that was centered around her posing as an androgynous male. When Pejic initially made the decision to under go sexual reassignment surgery, she was turned off to the idea of sharing this story. Fortunately director and close friend Eric Miclette was able to change Andreja’s mind.

Many are uninformed of the trans community – not out of choice, but out of ignorance. Andreja is incredibly courageous for sharing her experience as a transgender woman, as this will educate the unenlightened and empower not only the trans community, but also anyone who feels pressure to lead a false life. Andrej(a) is a documentary that is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter to ensure they can film the next six months and chronicle Pejic’s life as she transitions into her career as a woman. While multiple offers were made by large global networks to fund the project, Miclette and Pejic made the decision to pursue independent film-making to ensure they were able to maintain full creative control of the project.

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Andreja embodies the facets of a modern woman – brave, chic, and outspoken. We at Live FAST stand behind her and hope you will choose to as well. To show your support and stay updated on the project, visit here.

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