Interview Series: Dead Sara

Vocals that stay embedded within your brain plus a strong melody to get your pulse racing. Rock and roll nostalgia floods your memory. You think of classic rock, you think of The Runaways, you think of past music icons and you become grateful for this musical revival. Dead Sara is a band that has a unique sound – one you can’t quite typecast to any ordinary genre.


We recently had a chat with Dead Sara frontwoman Emily Armstrong about the band, her personal style, and future aspirations. Accompanying the interview are photos our friend Jenavieve Belair took of the members of Dead Sara wearing some much-coveted Vanessa Mooney jewels. Head here for more from Dead Sara.



LF: Dead Sara, welcome to Live FAST. First things first – how did the band form?

EA: Siouxsie and I started the band right after we finished high school. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that we found Sean Friday (drums) and Chris Null (bass) after going through many others. We started jamming with them and it just made sense.


LF:  The bands’ largest collective influences?

EA: Oi, that’s a tough one. It’s literally all over the place from punk to folk to old R&B to Delta Blues…it really covers the whole spectrum.


LF:  Fashion-wise, how would you describe your style?

EA: I would call it “still figuring it out.” I love anything comfortable at this point, but always looking to try new things.


LF:  It is a known fact that Grace Slick cited Emily as a female rock singer she admires. Performance wise, who are some of your idols?

EA: I used to love watching old performances from the 60’s and 70’s as a teen and just thought to myself that this is what a performer should be like – 100% passion. It is just so mesmerizing and inspiring. Letting go of everything on stage and just really being in that moment, while still creating a different world for yourself at the same time, is where I strive to be.


LF: Where do you see yourself in 1 year/5 years/10 years?

EA: Still putting out records and touring the world.


LF:  What do you consider to be the most iconic moment in music?

EA: I think when the Delta Blues started.


LF: Craziest story from the road?

EA: Years ago I jumped in a van with some friends of mine who were on tour for a few days. One night, while driving down a dark highway, we really thought we saw a UFO! Completely ecstatic and nervous, we pulled over, got out and started filming. It was just random lights in the sky that would appear far away one minute and then almost just above us the next. Later we found out that it was just crop dusters doing their thing at night. We were bummed to say the least…


LF: #1 bucketlist goal?

EA: I still gotta make a list…


LF: How fast do you live?

EA: In the moment.


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