Amuse Society Giveaway! [Closed]

Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp are the founders of Amuse Society, a sexy new beachwear label from the OC that’s been making some huge waves since their launch at Agenda Women’s. The lovely ladies sponsored our trip through Asia this past August so we could create this editorial featuring Roxy, a rock muse on a Bali holiday all dressed up in their chic debut collection.

We know you’ve been obsessing on all the amazing swimsuits we’ve been posting on Instagram during our summer tour, and here’s a chance to own Amuse Society before their store launches in November. Follow + tag @amusesociety, repost the pic above with #beachvidabling and tag a friend between Sept 24-28 for a chance to win the Vida Morrocan perfect bikini and the brand’s signature tee!


LF: For those of us who don’t know you two, tell us a little bit about your story. How did you meet and what lead you to the creation of Amuse Society?

S&M: We met while working at Roxy back in late 90’s. Mandy was a swimwear designer and I was an assistant merchandiser. The two of us have been friends for over 15 years and we have a close group of girlfriends who have kept in close contact for the same amount of time as well. We travel together, we always celebrate each other in our busy lives, we inspire and feed off each other’s energy. We started Amuse Society because we both wanted to follow the beat to our own drum. We wanted to start something that was for women, by women, and didn’t have a million layers in between to dilute the vision.

LF: How do you feel like the brand sets itself apart in the industry? What is the Amuse Society? Who is a part of it?

S&M: Amuse Society is a fashion lifestyle brand that is built for women by women. The vibe of our brand is inspired off of the love we have for global beach lifestyle, but with more sophistication in style and fashion than brands we have been a part of in the past. Young women are desperate for something they can relate to at a price they can afford. We are fortunate that the vibe of our brand, which we consider more fashion than surf, is getting a really strong reaction.  We support women on and off the beach who all have very dynamic creativity and passion within themselves and who have really connected with the two of us and what we are setting out to do. The industry has been the same for a very long time, so we are proud to pioneer something that sets us apart. In November we will be introducing our group of women ambassadors, or our society of muses, the women who inspire us daily and who make what we do fun and entertaining. Stay tuned…

LF: Describe your creative process – who does what? 

S&M: Outside of the entire design process, which we both share, Mandy is really great with producing photo shoots, loves social media, has strong relationships with a lot of the buyers and is really talented at the apparel fitting process. I spend more time focusing on the swimwear line, writing all the copy for the brand and working closely on many of the retail marketing initiatives. We are both heavily involved with the building of our society, our e-commerce site (which launches in November), all sales initiatives and EVERYTHING else in between. We have both become very good at multi-tasking, dividing to conquer and making it all happen with the support and hard work of our amazing staff!!

LF: Who inspires you? Who are some of your current muses?

S&M: At the end of the day we are really inspired by the amazing women around us who are chasing their dreams and making shit happen! That is why we are forming a society of these women, they are people we want to surround ourselves with who will contribute to making this journey successful and entertaining!

LF: Why is travel such an important component of your brand?

S&M: With Instagram and social media, travel has become so much more desirable and the generation of young women who we target are all full of this desire to get up and go. The “art of travel and the pursuit of journey” is a tagline we use often and defines our state of mind.

LF: What would you say is your favorite beach? 

S&M: We both have so many! So hard to narrow, but collectively, we can say that we love the East Cape in Cabo for the dry heat, white sands and warm water. We also love the private beaches on St. Barth’s because they are so sexy! Tavarua goes without saying because we love our friends who live and run the island and have had the most memorable of experiences there!

LF: Tell us about your first collection. If you could describe it in a couple words, what would they be? What are some of your favorite pieces?

S&M: Our first collection channels a rock muse on a beach holiday. It’s feminine, yet tough. Everything can be worn on and off the beach. The entire line is about feeling effortlessly cool and sexy and with the element of shine in our line, it  feels sophisticated! The fabrics are easily packable and everything we have designed is about showing your bikini off! Quality is the utmost important attribute to both of us. We describe our line and our mission for the brand in 3 words every day, BEACH VIDA BLING!

LF: How fast do you live?

S&M:  This is actually the best interview question I have ever answered!  Life is flying by before both of our eyes! Between motherhood, being an entrepreneur, wife, friend, daughter, sister, someone who loves escapism and travel, a dreamer and being a creative person who’s brain never stops, our lives are exhausting to most.  But, we feel blessed and supported by our families and friends and that is what keeps us going. Mandy and I are fueled with passion and drive and at the moment do not feel maxed out with how fast we are capable of living – we have a lot we want to do in this life!

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