“Promiscuities” by Jonathan Leder

Sensual power couple Amy Hood and Jonathan Leder have created a masterpiece once again. The New York-based model and acclaimed photographer and director have banded together to create the film Promiscuities, just released today. Prepare yourself for a psycho-sexual journey through the difficulties of Diane, a lost soul who used to satisfy her hunger with prescription pills – but the high has worn thin and she needs to get her fix. In an attempt to fulfill her needs she decides to consult an acclaimed psychotherapist with strict methods. His tactics include exhausting Diane’s carnal neurosis while filming and criticizing each session.


Promiscuities – Official Extended Movie Trailer (2014) from Imperial Pictures Ltd on Vimeo.

In this deliciously deviant fantasy, you’ll witness Diane go to the edge of her desires in an attempt to break her urges – in turn, she only ignites the fire within her. While Promiscuities was just released today, Jonathan Leder is currently hard at work on his latest project, American Ecstasy. Head over to the official website here to pick up a copy of the film and enjoy some stills from the movie below.


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