LOYAL by Lauren Napolitano

Introducing the intricate patterning work of Lauren Napolitano, a longtime Bay Area artist with a serious presence in the art circuit here. She’s participated in a few group shows with our friends over at White Walls Gallery, and now she’s presenting her newest body of work in a solo show titled “Loyal” this Friday Aug 8 at Redux Studios & Gallery.

Her work shows a deep reverence for the discarded and forgotten; this installation features a wide variety of rescued fragments culled from our St. Vincent de Paul warehouse in Oakland. St. Vincent de Paul Society is a Bay Area-based non-profit organization that offers a helping hand to those in need, and the works Lauren has created retains the past energy of the objects with the new life she imparts on them. “While preparing for this show I tested out lots of directions to take the work, but what really stuck out were the pieces that came from the heart. I found the lines and shapes that I’ve used thousands of times still held weight. As I go deeper into my mother’s cultural roots (Mexican Apache), I recognize my own pattern work in pottery, basket, and textile works that are centuries old…these patterns inspire new formations within me as well…they are truly timeless. While everyone is looking for the next big thing, I am choosing to remain loyal to the simple shapes and materials that speak to me on a deeper level.” – Lauren Napolitano

If in the Bay Area, join Lauren at Redux Studios & Gallery in Alameda Aug 8 from 6-9 pm for the opening of “Loyal”

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