Pangeaseed Sea Walls: Murals For Oceans

We are pleased to kick off Shark Week with the latest from Pangeaseed, the international organization known for fusing art and activism – artivism – to educate the public on the conservation and preservation of endangered marine life. Constantly finding innovative ways of raising awareness in a creative and refreshing manner, they recently hosted Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans on the island of Isla Mujeres in Mexico. Taking place from July 20th through the 28th, the main goal of the event was to raise awareness not only for the conservation of the ocean, but also to educate the public on the greatly needed protection for the whale sharks and manta rays off the Yucatan peninsula.

Using art and design as educational tools, Pangeaseed teamed up with 1XRun, Residencia Gorila, World Art Destinations, and Juxtapoz Latin America to collaborate with some of our favorite street artists – Curiot, Saner, Nosego, Shark Toof, Tristan Eaton, Celeste Byers, Meggs, Cinzah Merkens, Tatiana Suárez, Hannah Stouffer, Smithe, Aaron Glasson, Yoh Nagao, Vecta, and Pelucas.

Cinzah Merkens 1

Cinzah Merkens

Offering said artists the opportunity to swim with and study whale sharks and oceanic manta rays, the creatives were able to experience these endangered animals in their natural habitat. When they weren’t exploring the ocean with these beautiful giants, they were creating large-scale ocean-themed murals throughout Isla Mujeres to help educate the local and tourist communities.

Curiot 3


The outcome? A week of innovative ocean conservation from Pangeaseed that proved to be progressive, moving, and creatively stimulating. We are pleased to share some photographs from the expedition. Visit here for more from Pangeaseed.

Meggs 2


Mike Popso 1

Mike Popso

Nosego 2


Pelucas 1


Tatiana Suarez 1

Tatiana Suarez

Vexta 1


Tristan Eaton 3

Tristan Eaton

Smithe 2


Hannah Stouffer 2

Hannah Stouffer

Aaron Glasson x Yoh Nagao 1

Aaron Glasson x Yoh Nagao

Saner 3


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