Objects Without Meaning Resort ’15

There’s nothing better than having beautiful and effortless pieces that hold the ability to bend the gender spectrum. Clothing that appeals to not only the most feminine woman, but also the menswear inspired fashionista. The new Objects Without Meaning Resort collection is a perfect example of this wardrobe dichotomy. A current and contemporary take on nautical inspiration provides this collection with a nonchalant prep chic that contains a fresh and exhilarating point-of-view through bold graphic print work.

Objects Without Meaning 1
Each piece incorporates an effortless chic. They look incredible styled together while holding the ability to be deconstructed into timeless individual pieces as well. There is also a wonderful contrast throughout that includes sheer, light pieces styled with opaque, structured silhouettes.Prepare yourself for a clean dream of beautiful prints and the essence of a girl who has got it all together as you explore their latest look book below. You won’t be able to purchase these pieces until November, but in the meantime satisfy your fashion urges and shop their online boutique here.

Objects WIthout Meaning 3 Objects Without Meaning 8 Objects Without Meaning 9 Objects Without Meaning 12 Objects Without Meaning 13 Objects Without Meaning 16

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