Kriss Soonik SS15

When I think of the word “loungerie,” I think of those impossibly long Sundays where you feel as if you are chained to the bed. Perhaps Saturday night got the best of you or maybe you are reveling in the fleeting moments of the weekend with your lover. I dream of breakfast in bed, the feeling of lace brushing against skin, sips of sweet champagne between the necessary cups of coffee. Kriss Soonik recently created a luxuriously feminine spring/summer 2015 line that resolves those sinfully indulgent Sundays – how could you possibly leave the house when you look this ravishing?

Kriss Soonik 1

Delicate in shape while bold in choice of fabrics, Kriss Soonik loungerie acts as the wardrobe to your rest and relaxation fantasies. See the lookbook in full below and shop the collection here.

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