ELKIN FW14 x Emma Roberts

ELKIN has dropped their FW14 Lookbook and it is definitely something you’ll want to save in your bookmarks bar- specifically under favorites. The L.A. label has finely tuned elements of European school girl and 90’s vintage wearing rockstars.

Co-designer, Brit Smith, describes how it came together, “we designed half of the collection to be a little more classic school-girl inspired – dresses with colors, flirty floral skirts, crewneck sweatshirts, varsity jackets, etc. The other half of our collection was inspired by a more sophisticated, sexy and mischievous style, while staying classic, a la Gwyneth Paltrow in ‘Great Expectations.’ For this half of the collection, we designed sensual silk dresses and cashmere coats. These two halves created our whole that is the ELKIN girl, that perfect mix of good girl bad girl.”

The lookbook is modeled by none other than Emma Roberts, close friend and inspiration to sister designers Brit and Kara Smith. As Kara puts it, “Emma is our girl. Not only is she one of our closest friends (we always tell people the 3 of us are sisters, because we feel like sisters), but she was also the muse for our FW14 collection. It’s funny because when we started ELKIN, we knew exactly who our girl was and what she was about… and now she has a face. Emma has such a wild, fun, creative mind like us and she really identified with this collection. There was no one better to have around us during the FW14 design process and there was obviously no one better to model it.”

Brit offers a similar opinion, “Emma is the perfect ELKIN girl so it easy to design with her in mind… she’s that perfect mix of vintage and modern and her style is effortlessly cool which we love. It’s classic but it also injects elements of decades past, using the 90s and 60s as some of her (and our) favorite eras to play with.  The 3 of us always talk about how we love a dark 90s witchy look mixed with a classic 60s french inspired boarding school girl sort of look. So we merged these two looks for this collection.” You can shop the lookbook in all its eclectic glory here.

Photographer: Curtis Buchanan

Model: Emma Roberts

Designers: Brit Smith and Kara Smith

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