Founder Interview: Luna Mae London

Oftentimes I think of lingerie to be synonymous with luxury. To dress the most private curves of your body in delicate materials, hushed like the sweetest secret, is to indulge in what I consider to be one of the finest pleasures life can offer. Ask any lingerie designer and they would probably agree – but not every lingerie designer goes to the lengths of crafting their brand to gift each customer with a completely intimate experience. Luna Mae London is a visionary lingerie line that is challenging the typical industry standards.

CEO and founder of Luna Mae London, Claudia Lambeth, has taken her perspective on the lingerie industry and crafted her brand to cultivate a lavish experience. With the lingerie only being offered via private appointment at luxury hotels, each woman who purchases Luna Mae London isn’t only buying a beautiful undergarment – she is buying a timeless experience to indulge in the beauty and power womanhood holds. Check out my interview with Claudia below, more from Luna Mae London here and request your appointment here.


LF: Hi Claudia, how are you today?

CL: Great, thank you!

LF: Can you share with our readers what Luna Mae London is all about?

CL: Luna Mae London is centered around creating a unique experience of luxury for women, offering couture lingerie by invitation only which is proudly handcrafted in England. Strictly exclusive couture collections presented in the finest double A grade silks, with solid eighteen-carat gold fittings, are offered at private appointments in suites of luxury hotels around the globe and will be launching in New York City in October 2014. 

LF: Why is luxury so important to you when it comes to undergarments? 

CL: Since lingerie is the most intimate item of clothing a woman can possibly wear, I believe it is so important to celebrate the female form by wearing the most luxurious materials which feel incredibly soft against the skin. The protein structure of the satin silk weave in our pieces actually ensures it is both the most hypoallergenic and luxurious fabric with the natural qualities of pure silk rendering each couture piece completely unique. Surrounding a woman with luxurious undergarments from Luna Mae London is not just about the pieces themselves, but also about the experience which the brand creates for her. This is why we do not sell online, we do not sell in department stores, and we do not sell in other boutiques. We want to ensure that each and every client of ours receives a beautiful experience at their private appointments, allowing them to indulge in luxury. 

LF: What do you think makes a woman most sexy?

CL: Confidence is a very important thing for a woman – feeling good about herself on the inside will radiate outwards. This, for me, is much sexier than anything on the surface.

LF: What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

CL: It would have to be the Anaïs collection which comprises of a beautiful bustier handcrafted from layers of double A grade silk. The meticulous construction of the piece is so refined as it features hidden boning channels which gently sculpts your figure. The silhouette of this collection is finished with a lined High-Waisted Knicker and it is an incredibly elegant set to wear.

LF: How did you get into designing? 

CL: The power of beautifully fitting and beautifully crafted lingerie can instantly transform a woman’s confidence and this is something that I have always been fascinated by. Following from this, lingerie became my obsession from a very young age. I actually studied Law at university but took up part time courses at the London College of Fashion and Parsons in New York City in order to feed my desire to design lingerie. However, I think design is something which you can’t necessarily be taught – if you have a real passion for a particular subject then no matter what you do, it will always come out in some shape or form. 

LF: Tell us what your customers can expect once they book an appointment at Luna Mae…

CL: Since our couture collections are strictly limited, clients can request appointments online via our website, as well as being invited in person. Beginning in New York City in October, appointments will be held in luxury suites of hotels where clients are personally introduced to the couture collections and can learn about the story behind Luna Mae London. Clients are privately fitted from a range of sample silhouettes and chosen pieces are then made-to-order by our seamstresses in England. Completely bespoke collections are available and, after browsing through an exclusive range of different silks and laces, the client is able to select something entirely unique. Each piece is personalised with their initials, should they desire this, and all of our branded fittings are available in solid eighteen-carat yellow gold. After eight weeks, the pieces are hand delivered to their homes.

LF: What are three pieces every woman should have in their lingerie closet? 

CL: I’m probably biased, but I think every woman should wear matching lingerie and you can’t go wrong with a beautiful black bra, knicker, and suspender belt.

LF: Your pieces will be manufactured in the UK, correct? Tell us a bit about the made-to-order process and why it is so important to you…

CL: Absolutely, all our pieces are handcrafted in England by exceptionally skilled seamstresses in a private atelier. We decided against the option of producing in a factory as long production lines are too impersonal for our brand and we wanted to give each of our couture pieces the time and attention to detail they deserve. Factories can also lack patience as many clients are pushing for deadlines which are set by wholesalers – luckily, we can avoid this. Since each piece is constructed on a made-to-order basis, we have the flexibility, and time, to really put the client first and create a beautiful handcrafted set which has been made just for them. We do not want to offer clients a set of lingerie which you can purchase instantly online from a big pile of stock; we want to ensure that every client receives a shared experience between themselves and the brand. 

LF: How many locations do you currently have open?

CL: Currently, we are just accepting requests for appointments in New York City. We do have a few additional private appointments in London at the moment but these are available by invitation only.

LF: Where do you plan to branch out to? 

CL: We will next be traveling to the Middle East and offering appointments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar. Following on from that will be LA, Tokyo, Milan, Paris and London.

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