“She is of the Sea” by Easton Schirra

Toes in the toasty sand and the glimmer of sticky sweat on your skin, your only goal is to jump in the ocean and cool down. You start to feel like a free bird with nothing but adventures ahead. Upcoming tasks include sunbathing in the hot Mexican heat, outdoor showers, and sunlit spaces all the while dripping in jewels and swimwear fit for a goddess.


Easton Schirra captures the essence of a getaway, a step out of reality and into paradise, a day in the life of a beach queen. Sun kissed skin and tan lines, dewy makeup and wet hair combined with the tonic mixture of sand and water. Schirra has crafted the dream vacation with Berta Molnar as our dark, mysterious muse.

BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6318-1 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6123-1 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6139 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6111-1 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6340-1 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6452 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6471 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6474-2 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6490-2 BertaTulumEdits_ESS-IMG_6343

Photography: Easton Schirra

Model: Berta Molnar

Styling: Silke Labson

Beauty: Madeline North


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