Cool Finds: Le Parcel

Let’s be realistic – no woman is very excited about the day their period comes. I mean, unless for some reason you are anticipating the day to exhale a huge sigh of relief, the crimson tide is generally a drag. When I am celebrating not being pregnant every month, I am curled up in my bed with an endless supply of chocolate and cursing mother nature for bestowing such an atrocity upon the female race. Or at least I was – before I found Le Parcel.


Le Parcel is essentially a period party favor. A ‘that-time-of-the-month’ gift package. A loving rub on the back when your ovaries are rebelling against you. Your choice of 25 tampons, pads, or panty liners, premium gluten free truffles plus a thoughtful gift are delivered to your doorstep. You select your favored brand, the number of each feminine product you would like, the day your period starts as well as the frequency of your period and suddenly that time of the month isn’t so horrendous. Get started with Le Parcel here.

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