Art Crush: Yigal Ozeri

There are hundreds of ways to define art, but generally speaking, the two descriptions that come into play most often are concept and craftsmanship. You don’t have to look far to find one without the other, but what happens when you combine the two is what will stop you in your tracks and unhinge your jaw from your skull. As someone whose work gravitates more to the conceptual side of the spectrum, otherwise known as abstract, I am continuously astounded by those who have the ability to create realism; a skill many, myself included, lack. However, Yigal Ozeri’s photo-realistic oil paintings take the cake.


The New York-based Israeli artist does not just paint portraits; he captures moments, and not only moments, but also emotion. His attention to detail brings his subjects out of their 2-dimensional backgrounds and into this realm as if they are warm blooded and breathing right before your eyes. It is as if you are close enough to reach out and shake their hand. Though the physical painting may be dry and still, there is a fluidity that draws you in to the degree that you may forget you’re actually sitting behind a computer screen. Our favorites are below, visit here for more from Yigal Ozeri.

Yigal Ozeri 3 Yigal Ozeri 4 Yigal Ozeri 5 Yigal Ozeri 6 Yigal Ozeri 7 Yigal Ozeri 8 Yigal Ozeri 10

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