Art Crush: Jakob Wagner

Take off. Jakob Wagner’s photography provokes the feeling. Your stomach sinks a little deeper into you, your muscles contract ever so slightly, your head feels a bit light. All the while you are lost in a sense of wonder clinging to the outside view. You are awestruck by how small and toy – like the city you are familiar with looks from this aerial perspective. Your neighborhood houses resemble cubes of cheese on a platter you could prick with a toothpick. The building you work in reminds you of the Lego towers you use to build as a child.

There’s a timeless sense of nostalgia to this German photographer’s work. There’s an undercurrent of obsession too. His pieces cling to human construction and hold you motionless in a sense of breathless captivation while his images play out before your eyes. It’s hard to look away.

Take the time to look over some of Wagner’s work, you’re guaranteed to have a fresh appreciation for our beautiful world, as well as a serious art crush.

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