Art Crush: Ana Teresa Barboza

There is something to be said about opposites attracting – the juxtaposition of opposites can be thrilling. In this case, the extreme difference in art styles meeting together to form one piece is really quite magical. Ana Teresa Barboza creates images that seem like a sketch of one’s imagination.


The gray scale soft sketch or simple line work combined with the vivid and colorful contrast makes for a memorable piece as a whole. But it only gets better as you get closer. Each piece is meticulously crafted using multiple mediums, including photos printed on fabric and then later embroidered and detailed, as well unique applique fabric and embroidery.

anateresa7 anateresa3

In her second exhibition, Animales Familiares, she used texture and color to create a representation of an animal or human having unexpected perspectives and behaviors during affectionate or aggressive situations.

anateresa9 anateresa2

Using embroidery and needlework she creates a new perception and decorates the human body. Since embroidery is perceived as a more feminine medium, she creates a familiar and domesticated animal. The contrast of each image is the most literal definition of juxtaposition, it will make you stop and think about the message, not to mention take a moment and gander in awe at the amazing talent that permits the impeccable detail of method of creating each image on fabric. Take a moment to enjoy my favorites below and visit here for more from Ana Teresa Barboza.

anateresa8 anateresa10 anateresa4 anateresa5

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