The Dreslyn “In The Mood For Love”

What I admire most about The Dreslyn is they aren’t afraid to show you clothes should be lived in. True designers are artists who see their pieces as merely one component of an entire work of art. For creatives like The Dreslyn team, the production is just as important as the delivery. Laura Gosch appears iconic before photographer Emman Montalvan as he delivers intense sensuality.


His work is so fresh, it shakes like you’ve had two drinks and you might have a third. It’s hot like the heat of summer; orange and electric. One of my favorite designers, Margaret Howell, says “if the material is right for the design, and the design is functional, it will last.” I thought of her quote as I let myself get lost scrolling. Comfort is key and Montalvan depicts this with blurred lines that leave room for interpretation. If creative vision is essential to the art of clothing, The Dreslyn has mastered it. Keep up with their mailing list here because their productions are consistently beautiful.

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