Maison Close SS14

Goddess of the night, mistress of dawn, mademoiselle séductrice, provoker of your most erotic fantasies; the woman adorned in Maison Close is a red lipstick, smokey eyed enchantress. She eases you in with a calming sense of innocence and, right when you thought you had her, brushes you off only to swell her own boiling desires. It’s a tickling, tantalizing game that leaves you hungry for more. You’re left begging to be left at the mercy of her will, secretly hoping to be punished. Each piece of this Parisian collection tells the story of a night never to be forgotten.

A line we’ve featured before, Maison Close draws on inspiration from French Belle Epoch Brothels. This lingerie line re-creates classic, erotic pieces with a chic, contemporary twist. Behind the silk, satin, lace and leather lies an indecent proposal you’re dying to say yes to. So go ahead, say yes.

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