Interview Series: Madi Diaz

It’s a punchy, bittersweet love song. The sort of song where you feel determined to make love work but you are also aware you are faced with a laborious task. It makes your body move and your heart flutter. The hurt stings but your love runs deeper. “Stay Together“, Madi Diaz’s latest single has been striking a nerve with listeners, radiating a buzz that invites you to dance. The Los Angeles-based indie pop songstress has an impressive resume, creating music that has been featured on “Pretty Little Liars” and Last Call With Carson Daly, as well as having toured most recently with Fitz and the Tantrums.

Currently hard at work prepping for her debut album, PHANTOM, to be released on September 30th, Ms. Diaz was kind enough to catch up with Live FAST Magazine. In addition to providing us with a bit of insight into her aspirations, adventures, and musings, Madi also shared photos from her latest shoot with Logan Cole, shot in the Los Angeles Art District featuring hair by Clint Mattoni and make-up by Amy Clarke. Be sure to catch her touring the east coast this fall and for more on Madi Diaz, please check out here.

Madi Diaz 1


LF: Hey Madi! Can you give Life FAST Magazine an introduction to yourself?

MD: My name is Madeline, I grew up thinking I was going to ride horses forever. Now I live in Los Angeles, playing guitar and writing songs hopefully for the rest of my life!

Madi Diaz 2

LF: Your music is infectious, grungy pop that prompts listeners to dance. Who are your top musical influences?

MD: I grew up listening to a bit of everything. Bands like Madonna, The Talking Heads, b52s…there was a lot of Prince in the house too. But there was also a pretty heavy, mournful 90s rock influence as well – lots of Tool, Nirvana, Alice In Chains…

Madi Diaz 4

LF: Describe your creative process.

MD: The process changes for me every time, but usually starts with me sitting in front of my amp playing something over and over again while trying every melody until it starts to fall together without me thinking about it too hard.

Madi Diaz 5

LF: Your single “Stay Together” has been getting a lot of love recently…what does this song mean to you?

MD: “Stay Together”, for me, is the kind of pleading encouragement you give yourself when you and your love are going through the s h i t. The big shit. The kind that you’re not sure you can pull through, but damn it if you’re not going to try.

Madi Diaz 6

LF: I am aware you just finished a tour with Fitz and the Tantrums. What are some of your on the road highlights?

MD: I love touring. It is my favorite kind of chaos. Seeing old friends, wandering down random streets I remembered in Boston, sharing an exhausted drink with Fitz at the end of the night while the venue is sweeping up, the moment I get to walk onstage when it is dark and plug in my guitar and then the lights are cued…it’s the best.

Madi Diaz 7

LF: At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to pursue music?

MD: When I was 14 and learned how to play “Down By The River” by Neil Young. When I finally could play and sing it at the same time there was a pull that I was pretty helpless against. I didn’t know I was “supposed” to be playing music, but I definitely knew there was nothing else I wanted. Not even a little.

Madi Diaz 8

LF: What gets you off, literally or figuratively?

MD: Intention. Purpose. Hot determination.

Madi Diaz 9

LF: Most difficult lesson you had to learn the hard way?

MD: My gut ALWAYS knows what is happening. And I have to speak it or else I will be haunted.

Madi Diaz 10

LF: What can we expect to see from you in the upcoming months?

MD: Hopefully you’ll be hearing things more than you’ll be seeing things…But when you see them, there will be lots of painfully bright colors.

LF: How fast do you live?

MD: I try to live as fast as I can while letting it all sink in.

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