Interview Series: George Barnes

George Barnes is a jack of all trades, master of everything. Going by the nickname Dreamcatcher, Barnes is a textiles and clothing designer, DJ, and overall creative-minded human who has the ability to throw a damn good party. An advocate of all things psychedelic and a self-proclaimed gypsy, George is a creator with the ability to Although he is currently globetrotting, we tracked him down to answer some questions for Live FAST Mag. Enough with our introduction to Dreamcatcher, though – allow his words and his latest work (some rad unisex t-shirts) to do all the talking. Click here for more from the artist and shop his shirts here.

LF: Hey George! Can you give Live FAST Mag a quick introduction to yourself, your inspirations and your current aspirations?

GB: My name is George Barnes aka Dreamcatcher, I am a textiles designer, clothing creator, creative and dj. Currently a gypsie traveling the world for new and amazing opportunities!


LF: You create music under the moniker dj Dreamcatcher – what is your creative process in terms of music?

GB: I don’t really make to much music at the moment, but I do throw lots of parties and DJ! Always trying to create something special and different! It’s always nice to give people a little extra when they party!


LF: How does collaborating with another musically, as you do in Slowblow, affect your creative process?

GB: Throwing a good party is all about getting the right people involved so that there is an amazing energy. This applies to any creative process. Never be afraid to collaborate, great things can be created!


LF: Describe your approach to fashion.

GB: I guess I approach it in a psychedelic but modern way. I guess could be described as a ‘dreamy techno’ approach… ha


LF: What is the last adventure you went on?

GB: Hmm – in the last 6 months I have been in Mexico, London, NYC, Australia and I’ll be in Europe for August… I guess Mexico was the most adventurous part of my travels – but to be honest it wasn’t too crazy haha.


LF: Your current top five influences?

GB: Dreaming, NYC, Love, Color, Music


LF: If you could offer the ladies one piece of advice pertaining to fashion, what would it be?

GB: Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean its sexy.


LF: The best piece of advice you have ever received?

GB: “If the path you’re on isn’t right, find the one that is.”


LF: The toughest lesson you’ve had to learn the hard way?

GB: Take care of yourself…


LF: What summer plans do you have in the works?

GB: Europe for August/September for some wedding fun and DJing!


LF: How fast do you live?

GB: Maybe not as fast as I used to… haha

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