Hotel Tour: Palihouse

For our latest installment of the Live FAST Magazine Hotel Tour, we took a trip to the West Hollywood Hotel, Palihouse. Chic and cozy, the hotel allows guests to feel as if they have lived in the residence for years, a secret homey hideaway tucked in the bustling Los Angeles life. Featuring models Mahina Alexander and Leonardo Lawrence as well as photographer Andrew Arthur, the Palihouse Hotel Tour is one of innocent feelings blooming.


Providing the setting to a story of young love, we embark on an adventure of sweet reminiscence, evoking what it truly means to be a youthful traveler falling deeper into a globetrotting romance. The serene fall into a lover’s arms and the quiet moments that lie in-between bursts of wanderlust are embodied within the young subjects.


The Classic Guest Suite provides space to relax and slip into a dimension of intimacy and repose. Begin your morning at the Palihouse Cafe – their Farmer’s Classic dish alongside a fresh cup of hot coffee is the perfect kick-off to your day. Indulge with their on-call massage therapist and ease into a state of complete tranquility. Regardless of how you spend your time at Palihouse, you will leave feeling revived and refresh. Book your stay here.

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Photography: Andrew Arthur

Models: Leonardo Lawrence and Mahina Alexander

Styling: Ann-Marie Hoang and HOTEL

Hair & Makeup: Karina Moore using Dermalogica


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