Hotel Tour: Mojave Sands, Joshua Tree

Summertime unifies two of my favorite things, road trips and swimsuits. To celebrate this year’s Summer Solstice it was only natural to head to the mystical town of Joshua Tree, California with a car full of babes and bikinis. Here we found our perfect desert oasis, The Mojave Sands, and luckily had a suitcase full of dreamy swimwear cut in all of the right places designed by Kore Swim. We were ready to take full advantage of the longest day of the year, and muse over the epic scenery.

Winding roads with sights of boulders and joshua trees accompanied us in our journey to the unconventional destination. Driving in we passed through nostalgic Pioneertown, an Old West movie set built in the 1940’s. We couldn’t help but get out and explore this gem of a place, channeling our inner Stevie Nicks.

Arriving to the Mojave Sands we were greeted by a rustic iron gate leading into a gorgeous trinket filled backyard. Our room came equipped with everything we needed, including an antique typewriter and solid collection of vinyl records. We didn’t let a second pass until we poured a glass of wine, changed into our Kore swimwear, and let Mick Jagger set the mood.

A combination of stunning wooden architecture, concrete, and minimal retro furniture set the scene. We felt like 1970’s bombshells.

Free spirited luxury filled our afternoon. We adventured around the estate, playing with the sunshine.

Sunset came and a flower filled outdoor bathtub awaited us back at our room. We couldn’t help but spend the rest of the evening soaking in the water until the stars appeared, a spellbinding site from the middle of the desert.

Natural sunlight woke us out of our comfy king sized bed. The dress up game continued, this time with coffee and our favorite kimonos. We spent the morning reading quirky vintage books and listening to french vinyl.

The feeling’s of inspiration and rejuvenation embodied us leaving this vintage treasure of the desert. We will definitely be returning.

Photography: Hannah Minker

Models: Gabrielle Nelson & Madeleine Alexandra

Wardrobe: Kore Swim

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