“White Dreams” By TK Anderson

Inhale blue. A slow and steady breath, calm with a subversive anxiety provoking you to look over your shoulder. You are not caught, but you feel as if you have been. Objects duplicate around you, a misty blue light cascades around soft white edges; your senses are blurred. Rest your weary mind and let the slow rolling tide take you in. For a moment, you are a drifter. Let white washed cheeks and faded colors blur together, you are floating amongst silver clouds, disengaged from time, dreaming in white.

White Dreams 1

Enter into the hazy world of L.A.-based photographer, TK Anderson’s, latest editorial, “White Dreams.” Hearing echos in the distance, feeling ease with a tugging sense of paranoia, we are invited to play into the fantasy that perhaps not everything is as real as it seems.

White Dreams 2

White Dreams 4

White Dreams 5

White Dreams 7

White Dreams 8


Model- Rachel Yampolsky
Photographer- TK Anderson
Styling/Creative Direction- Donna Lisa
Makeup- Matisse Andrews
Hair- Eddie Cook

White Dreams 13

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