Art Crush: Marco Hernandez

Smoking will always appear timeless. The slender fingers of a beautiful women, cocked slightly to hold something as light as air. It burns hot and slow between our fingers. There is something about Marco Hernandez’s work that speaks for our generation. Of an image so timeless, he delivers a generation of millennials emancipated from the ideas of what is right, wrong and appropriate. We define ourselves and what we must become in order to be successful. The possibilities are inspiring.

marco hernandez2

Hernandez was born and raised in Staten Island, NY and began his passion for photography in skateboarding. Perhaps the birthplace of his art allows for the seamless documentation of skating and portraiture. He shoots black and white film and his work is always clean. His latest project is a book entitled, Smoker’s Club, due to release in November. He works with a small-run art book publisher, A Love Token, also out of New York. In our dedication to keep print alive, we are proud to support them both. Visit here for more from Marco Hernandez and be sure to keep an eye out for Smoker’s Club.

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