Art Crush: Lisa Smit

Softness is a universally attractive quality and regardless of where it comes from, people will always be drawn to it. To allow yourself to be soft is not easy, as it takes conviction. Lisa Smit’s photography offers a solace of sorts. Her work is reminiscent of the 50’s, when mother’s wore buttermilk-colored aprons and cooked with curlers in their hair. Why does nostalgic beauty pull us in? What do these soft, subtle notions of the past evoke in us? There is an inexplicable comfort to her art.


If you head to her Tumblr, you’ll see she has maintained photo diaries from 2009 to today. When an artist offers a retrospective like Lisa Smit does, their compulsive need to document daily life becomes apparent. For some, art is perfection, it is a meticulous process that requires repetitive editing. For others, art is a fluid line that twists and turns as the artist herself changes.


Lisa, we admire your ability to see the world with loving eyes and always look forward to new posts. Not to mention, we admire your dedication to film photography and agree there is a feeling only film can convey. Follow her here and check out here for prints.

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