Art Crush: JeeYoung Lee

When I look at the work of JeeYoung Lee, I feel my youth. Like Alice, she has created her own wonderland, and she was kind enough to share it with us all. She has allowed us to enter the privacy of her mind, to experience her thoughts and view her feelings. She has illustrated her vulnerability in the most magnificent way; I could lose myself in her photographs for hours, pondering how and why this place came to be. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of her work are the sets she meticulously builds to replicate the scenarios in her mind. Take a few minutes out of your day to escape your reality and explore the realm of Miss JeeYoung Lee.

JeeYoung Lee1

JeeYoung Lee 2 JeeYoung Lee 3 JeeYoung Lee 5 JeeYoung Lee 7 JeeYoung Lee 8 JeeYoung Lee 9 JeeYoung Lee 10 JeeYoung Lee 12 JeeYoung Lee 13

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