Valentine NYC

Delicate lace adorns strong collarbones, thick lips speak of beautiful femininity. Golden light washes over her as she reclines into magic hour – refined, natural, simple. Allow us to introduce you to Valentine NYC, a lingerie label founded by former models Whitney Brown and Paloma Jones. Working from their respective coasts – Whitney in New York and Paloma in Los Angeles, the two women have created a lingerie brand that celebrates a lifestyle of romance and ambition, marrying the two seamlessly within each piece they create. Feast your eyes on our latest original lingerie guide shot by Chris Steinbach as you get to know the ladies from Valentine NYC.

Lingerie Guide Valentine NYC Live Fast Mag


LF: First off, how did the two of you meet ?

V: We met on a modeling job in Sydney when we were both 19 years old. Convinced Paloma to move to America at the shoot then 3 months later bumped into her at a casting in Miami. The rest is history!

Lingerie Guide Valentine NYC Live Fast Mag

LF: What inspired you to start a lingerie label ?

V: We both love lingerie and just felt it should look cooler and not be so damn expensive. So we took matters into our own hands.

LF: When did you launch your debut collection ? 

V: We launched last December during Art Basel in Miami. We transformed a suite at The Freehand Hotel into a Valentine sanctuary for 3 days. A bunch of friends stayed at the Freehand with us and every night was a lingerie party by the pool. Felt like being on adult Spring Break!

Lingerie Guide Valentine NYC Live Fast Mag

LF: You started off with the Valentine Blog, correct?

V: Yes.

LF: How would you describe the blog to someone who hasn’t checked it out yet? 

V: The blog reveals and intimate and romantic side to some of the coolest guys and girls around the world. It captures people when their guard is down in the most passionate, fun and genuine way.

Lingerie Guide Valentine NYC Live Fast Mag

LF: What role do you each play in the company?

V: Paloma sways more towards design, production and financial. Whitney is geared more towards marketing, strategy, social media and graphics.

LF: What are each of your strengths?

V: Design is definitely Paloma’s strength and Marketing is Whitney’s. But to be honest, we both swap roles all the time. Our hands are in every pot all the time!

LF: A few words that describe the essence of the label…

V: Sexy, everyday lingerie with a fresh, playful and cool approach.

Lingerie Guide Valentine NYC Live Fast Mag

LF: What’s it like running a business together and maintaining your friendship at the same time? 

V: We kind of have 2 versions of ourselves. When we work on Valentine we’re both in business mode. Then when we’re out doing something for fun, we try to switch off Valentine mode. Sometimes we’re better at it than others. But working together is nice. We both get to catch up and we enjoy our successes together which has been amazing. Overall it made the friendship stronger.

LF: Future plans for Valentine Lingerie ? Have you started plotting your next collection ? 

V: We are going to keep designing for our Valentine girl. We will do some wholesale but hope to focus more on special projects and mainly sell from our site. Our next collection will be out in a month and were so excited. Our new bra style is every girl’s solution to comfort with just the right amount of support. And it’s still sexy!

Lingerie Guide Valentine NYC Live Fast Mag

LF: How fast do you ladies live? 

V: We’ve been lucky to have such amazing lives. Our modeling careers let us travel for about a decade and we still continue to broaden our cultural spectrum. Neither one of us can turn down a good music or film festival, exotic getaway or research trip. And all the while we work on Valentine from opposite coasts! Always Skyping, texting, conference calling, shipping, and meeting people. You gotta stay inspired when you have a brand. We plan to go where no lingerie brand has gone before.

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