“Drenched in Twilight” by Tamara Lichstenstein

Pearl white dunes lay dramatic behind her, in a world that spins slower than ours. Through more languages than we truly understand, we communicate explicitly, and in this series we are reminded how powerful the body can be. Allow yourself to slip into her world; into a place of dreamlike romanticism. Lauryn’s limbs seem to sing, while her comfort before the lens of Tamara Lichtenstein is tireless and brave.

I believe a piece of the photographer is left in each photograph, from the composition they chose, to the relationships they form with their muses. It is evidence of a photographer’s talent when her work is left embedded with a signature stamp. Time and time again, Lichtenstein’s portfolio is an ethereal vision. Together, these women embody our philosophy at Live Fast; they live like true artists, unbound from anything they haven’t taught themselves. And that, is what we admire most. Print-lovers can purchase Tamara’s special edition hardcover book at here and shop her Esty here for a variety of prints.

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