Interview Series: Fernanda Romero

Actress, songstress, creative mind and overall total bombshell. Meet Fernanda Romero, your newest crush and the latest babe we’ve chatted with. This Mexico City native currently resides in Los Angeles and when she isn’t landing roles for films like The Eye, Drag Me To Hell, Once Fallen, Without Men, and Ghost Team One, she is producing and lending vocals to her ‘folktronic’ band White Cherries. There’s nothing quite like a dynamic woman who holds stunning beauty and intimidating talent to get your pulse racing. Fernanda was kind enough to answer a few questions and share some photos from a recent shoot with the talented Michael Blank. Consider this your introduction to the mind of Ms. Romero.



LF: Hi babe! How are you, how’s Hollywood been treating you lately?

FA: All is well, life is good! Working on a few new projects, which is always exciting.

LF: What are you working on right now, what are you most excited about?

FA: I just booked a part on the new film “400 Days” with Dane Cook, Brandon Routh ,Caity Lotz and Ben Feldman.


LF: Model, actress, musician… What’s your biggest creative challenge when reconciling your many art forms?

FA: Tough to say, but probably acting because its such a bigger transformation. It is so fun and gratifying, but competently becoming another person can be challenging.

LF: Tell us about White Cherries. When did you start making music and what inspires you to make “folktronic” music?

FA: Well it started around 3 years ago as a side thing, just to have another fun creative outlet, but then later we started to get some attention and people told us that we should do an EP. White Cherries started with Folktronic music  but now we had made a mix of everything in between folk, rock, and a bit of electro.


LF: If you could pick one band to tour with, who would it be?

FA: Phantogram, Broken Bells, Miami horror… someone fun and that makes sense with our sound.

LF: How would you describe yourself in a simple sentence?

FA: Quirky, spontaneous, loving, passionate songstress/actress that can’t be stopped!


LF:What inspires you on the daily?

FA: Love and Life. My dreams.

LF: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

FA: Letting go.

LF: If you could give men one piece of dating advice, what would it be?

FA: Don’t be too rico suave…


LF: What about for women?

FA: As far as dating… Oh gosh, I haven’t had a personal experience with a woman yet, so I don’t know… But I have been approached by women and I think the less aggressive the better.

LF: What are some of your favorite places to travel back to in your homeland of Mexico?

FA: Tulum is at the top of my list, then Cabo, and Mexico City its pretty awesome too!

LF: When are you happiest?

FA: When I am in Love! OR when I am creative.


LF: How fast do you live?

FA: Gosh, I think I have done so much in my life so far yet there is so much more to discover. I live fast but try to enjoy every moment.

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