POW! WOW! x Versace x Tristan Eaton

POW! WOW! Hawaii has and always will be an integral week of inspiration for Live FAST mag. To bring together celebrated artists and thinkers from around the world perpetuates our essential philosophy of community and self-supported arts. Recently, Versace teamed up with POW! WOW! to kick off their new flagship store in Honolulu. What came out of the collaboration is a modern, iconic mural that speaks to both art aficionados and appreciators of the classic brand.

While POW WOW draws everyone together and provides endless opportunities, Tristan Eaton was called on to bring his unique talent and vision alive within the Versace medusa. After Eaton painted for five days, what we see is an incredible collision of aesthetics. He interpreted the recognizable face of Versace in a way that is mandalic. Elements of his background in street art are woven together with classic detailing which embody this movement of high fashion meeting the streets. This collision is not only seen in the mural, where bright colors snake into iconic gold trim, but large scale in society today.

Versace x POW! WOW! Mural by Tristan Eaton from POW! WOW! Hawaii on Vimeo.

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