Art Crush: Isaac Zoller

She lives inside each curve – her hips, her breasts, her lips. Mouth slightly parted with eyes only you can read. Heartbeat radiating between two bodies, you always seem to find her. Our current art crush, Isaac Zoller, captures the “she” within each subject he photographs for his portrait series. Sensual and elusive, these women are ethereal beings caught by Zoller’s camera lens.


The effortless seduction of an enigmatically beautiful woman never ceases to be an outlet of inspiration, something that is repeatedly shown through Zoller’s work. While his other photography series also include polaroids, lifestyle, and nature photos, the snapshots of feminine beauty are the images that remain embedded within my mind. Take a look at some of our favorites below and check out the rest of his work here.

zoller23 zoller27 zoller19 zoller11 zoller13 zoller18 zoller27 zoller22 zoller20 zoller10 zoller14 zoller12 zoller15 zoller17 zoller25 zoller16

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