Cole Barash Double Exposures

You may remember a while back when we interviewed prolific snowboarding photographer Cole Barash, featuring his INCREDIBLE behind-the-scenes snowboarding pics that only someone deep in the scene could capture. He’s since made a move to Brooklyn, and his work has diversified in a big way. Cole approached us with his recent series “6 Girls 6 Cities” – a set of double exposures fusing six models from six different cities with urban and natural landscapes from their respective cities.

His new work in some ways reflects his move from the mountains to the city, though he is no stranger to the snow-kissed photography that shaped his career. We love the sharp b&w contrast of this series, as well as the fact that they were photographed with film. Here is a more detailed look at Cole’s process about this project:

“I took this concept and decided to go big with it – choosing 5 additional cities around the world (Paris,London, Moscow, tokyo and Sao Paulo) and photographing 6 models that were styled and selected accordingly.  Then I would travel around the world with all the film and re exposing the rolls.  For example, for Tokyo I would choose a Japanese model and style her very modern Japanese, shoot her in studio and then take that film to Tokyo and re-expose it. The project is going to be pretty mental as I have already completed it.  However, I am not going to put it online, I am sitting on it until I have an exhibition later this year. ”  –  Cole

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