Wildfox SS14 “Royal Romance”

It isn’t real, this world you’ve just entered. It is imaginative bliss, an ode to fantasies you’ve long left behind, buried beneath letters from past lovers and fallen fairy tales. This world may not be real, but it is true. It fantasizes all mediums of love – familial, platonic, romantic. It takes your daily relationships and wrings them of the mundane, placing before you the ideals you had once held so dearly. Welcome to “Royal Romance,” the Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Wildfox shot by Mark Hunter.

“For me, this collection is a love letter to my imagination and how I have to remember to use it even when things get hard,” says designer Kimberly Gordon of her latest creative endeavor. Despite the romanticism of love, reality always prevails – love is seldom simple. Indulge in an imaginative realm where the complications between you and your most cherished are stripped away, allowing yourself to revel in the sentimental bliss of unadulterated affection. Shop the collection here.

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