“T O R N” by Veer NYC

New York City aesthetics. Effortless, simple, driven. The no-fuss attitude of the concrete jungle alludes to a hustler’s work ethic – always scheming yet always refined. T O R N, the latest editorial from Veer NYC, embodies the city. Torn between different pursuits yet transgressing boundaries, these looks introduce a woman you’ve surely grazed shoulders with on the subway before.


She’s beautifully unattainable. It is not that she is unaware of her surroundings, it is that she exists in the mist of the city, to steal a moment of her time would be to yank her from the fog of her world. All that you’re left with is a fading image of her woven into your memory as she slips from the train’s doors. Shop your favorite looks here and enjoy this editorial shot by Gemma Fleming.

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