Bagatiba Vintage Summer 2014

Jewels rest against her honey skin and you feel yourself slip into deep infatuation. Your feet cannot touch the cobblestone streets beneath them, your eyes are locked on hers. She opens her mouth to let words delicately fall from her lips, you imagine the soft introduction that awaits, the syllables that will fall hard on your chest, knocking the breath from your lungs. Her cheeks flush like light petals as she sighs. “Relax… It’s summer,” she murmurs before turning away from you. Layers of her beauty lay steadfast on your shoulders, she is stunning yet fleeting – you will never see her again, you are left with only the stinging of the three words she left you with.


Allow us to introduce you to Bagatiba Vintage, the latest endeavor from Jessie Andrews. Shot by the talented Bryant Eslava and featuring Italian muse Michele Maturo, the line’s first lookbook titled “Relax, It’s Summer” just dropped today. Citing classic Italian Dolce & Gabana advertisements along with European sociology as the main inspirations behind the line, Bagatiba Vintage is the boho chic sister to Bagatiba.  After taking a glimpse at the photos, you’ll quickly realize that you are left with no choice but to slip into the atmosphere of Andrews once again. Shop your favorite pieces here.

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