Hotel Tour: The London New York

We should start by saying that The London hotel offers an unmatched concept of luxury. Nestled in the heart of midtown Manhattan, with suites designed for privacy and the culinary art of Gordon Ramsey; this hotel tour is sure to tease your palate. Charis Kirchheimer offers us an intimate look inside the nights we all know only happen in our favorite hotels.

There’s something about treating you and your crew to a night away from home. If you’re going to do New York City, do it right. BFF’s Gia and Charis perfectly captured that collision of tranquility within a city. The energy is high and her skirt is higher. Her blonde locks seem to be on fire as she fixes her lipstick before stepping out. Check out The London next time you’re up in NYC and West Hollywood. The California counterpart offers a rooftop pool as the perfect place to cool off this summer.

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