“Ashes To Ashes” By Aaron Feaver

Like hot smoke, Aaron Feaver’s photographs gently wrap themselves around you. Where over-saturated tones catch your attention, may the stillness behind her eyes remind you of the delicacy of humanity. Her skin is washed in color and freckled with glitter, yet alone it is just as beautiful. His work is layered, and its depth creates something magic. Each photo carries you deeper into a place only his mind could create. It’s as if she danced before his lens, allowing him to revel in her intimacy. Feaver delivers imagery we can inhale, and looking at her lightly-parted lips, we can almost feel her breath.

Photographer: Aaron Feaver, represented by Nouvelle Vague

Stylist: Ton Aguilar

Makeup: Jenna Tucker

Hair: Jessica Cook

Model: Eliza Sys at Wilhelmina

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