“First We Feel, Then We Fall” Jason Lee Parry

Pretty girls beaming smiles with tan skin and messy hair remind us that summer is just around the corner, and why we look forward to it all year long. Jason Lee Parry for Desillusion Magazine Tome 1 – Issue 45 brings us a dream-like behind-the-scenes video from his recent Globe Spring/Summer “Mansionlyf” lookbook shoot.

Parry is hot on the scene and his work is distinct. We love everything he puts out, from Surfing Magazine’s swimsuit edition to his Cora Lee for Camp editorial. He is a lover of film, both analogue and instant, which we at Live FAST respect very much. His voice echoes, cool and collected, in the midst of an upstate NY summer. He seems to interact with his models always as their friend, and that translates onto film every time.

First we feel, then we fall; what an embodiment of summer’s warmth your skin, of lust fading into love like the effortless setting of the sun. Imogene Barron’s styling is perfection as always, as I found myself hunting for those bright floral shorts Zippy wears biking down the street. As a season, summer is about enjoying everything we’ve worked all year for. Our hemlines hug our bodies and 5 panels protect us as we race the sun down empty roads. Like Parry shows, we end our nights swimming through emerald pools and lay down laughing; times are easy.

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