Art Crush: DevNgosha

As many do, I prefer art to take me out of the present moment and drop me into a different dimension. Often I find myself experiencing a penchant for the experimental – I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about vivid colors seamlessly melding into otherworldly subjects that lands me in a mind-expanding warp.


Enter current art crush, DevNgosha. This duo creates dreamy neo-psychedelic pieces that draw inspiration from both fine and contemporary art backgrounds. Dripping with surrealist influence, observers are invited to slip into a maniacal trance, an otherworldly sphere where the color of cotton candy dresses a startlingly realistic human skull and emotions drip from the vibrant skin of an unexpected penguin astronaut.


We’re crushing so hard, we couldn’t help but include these two in our Kickstarter rewards, listed under the $100 pledge for a limited edition print of the skull above or $1,500 for an original piece. Check them out here.


Exuberant by nature, DevNgosha effortlessly create characters that flutter into your subconscious, weaving throughout your waking life. Indulge yourself in an art-induced stupor and check out more here.

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