Art Crush: Breanna Box

It is a simultaneous reaction, really. The wave of nostalgia that washes over you when you see a place you have never been and the dismal letdown when you allow yourself to acknowledge it was nothing but a fleeting moment, an instance you will never know.

It isn’t that all of Breanna Box‘s photos depict a particular setting I have an undying longing to see. It is that they all depict a particular place in time that I will never recreate. Photos taken in my beloved state of California make me feel as if I am a West Coast novice, a sentimental emotion reminding me that I will always have the constant desire to wander.

A box of children’s toys decaying in the bitter Bushwick weather is unexpectedly poignant and images of Abu Dhabi could be plucked from the feathers of the pillow you dream on. Submerse yourself in the photographic imagination of Miss Box.

L’Agent Goodies…