Mark Rubenstein’s “A Light at the End of the Road”

Los Angeles-based photographer Mark Rubenstein is known for creating ethereal, intimate photographic narratives – some of you may recognize him from the excellent interview he gave Live FAST regarding his stirring series “Gone by Dawn” back in November. Beginning work on his current series titled “A Light at the End of the Road” three years ago, he offers a collection of moments capturing the growth and personal evolution that comes with the transition from adolescence to adulthood.


Describing his work as “the essence of what I choose to say about our time in this world. The crafting of ones-self as an individual is a remarkable thing. How circumstance and experience shapes us as a whole. My images are created to reflect these ideas,” Rubenstein never fails at creating photography that is equally uplifting and powerful as it is bone-chillingly emotional.


We are incredibly excited to announce that we will be hosting the opening for his latest show, a combination of “Gone by Dawn” and “A Light at the End of the Road” (which will be released in a limited edition zine), on Thursday, April 17th at Hemingway and Pickett. The opening reception and book signing will be taking place from 7pm-9pm, with drinks provided by PBR and music by Hayden Tobin (of Hanni El Khatib). Don’t forget to swing by the after party and have a drink with us at Thirsty Crow from 9:30 till late with a special guest DJ!

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