Hannah Stouffer’s “Internal Energy”

It’s been a two-year journey through break-ups, travel and spiritual growth – among other things – that has lead L.A.-based artist Hannah Stouffer to create an inspired solo show titled “Internal Energy,” opening April 4 at Slow Culture Gallery. Have a read of the interview below and join us tonight for a beer and some introspection!


LF: Your show statement states you have been working on / researching for this show for two years. Was the actual body of work created over the two years or later in the process? Can you describe your creative process and inspirations for “Internal Energy”

HS: It definitely took awhile from the beginning phases of research and beginning the series until final fruition, for a number of reasons. To tell you the truth, I encountered quite a few obstacles in the process including a break-up, a move, a bunch of recovery and discovery travel, mental and spiritual growth and physical exhaustion. Regardless, it feels good to be at some sort of closure with it.

LF: What would you think are the most important things you learned through making that show?

HS: Oh man, its all been a learning experience, it always is. I went through a lot of reflection and evolution with this series, and extensive research in the process. Initially, I set out to write an entire thesis on it, then turned into this ‘Internal Energy’ body… its been transformative to say the least.

LF: What’s your favorite thing about this new body of work?

HS: Finishing it.

LF: You said it was fueled by coffee and rap music… what’s on your playlist right now?

HS: Ha! Its true, I’m more of a black tea drinker, but on special occasions like this I’ll turn it all up to 10. My daily hustle is pretty rap heavy – Waka, Drake, Wiz, YG, A$AP Ferg, Sage The Gemini, Juicy J, Jeezy, Rich Homie Quan… I have my moments of smooth R&B and some classic Psych Metal thrown in there as well to keep me both in and out of the game…

LF: What / who inspires you on the regular?

HS: The sound of my dog eating chips.

LF: Would you say your constant traveling affect your work / creative process? If so, how? 

HS: Absolutely. It has been pretty constant for the past year or two with trips to Israel, Bali, Hawaii, Mexico, Miami, New York and everywhere in-between. Being out of my comfort zone, both physically and in my work always pushes me harder, I love it. Then of course, I’m witness to a whole new array of culture- and I notice everything from textiles to foliage to the feeling of the night sky 1million miles from home. I actually find comfort in that.

LF: You just partnered up with good friends on a creative space in Silverlake, can you talk about the vibe over there? 

HS: Yeah! Those my everyday girls!! I share a gorgeous work studio loft with some close friends of mine- Johnny Vampotna, Ali Gallager and Esao Andrews, all extremely talented painters with their own varying outlets. It’s really a blessing to be able to chat about daily antics and struggles, and spend happy hour round the mini-fridge with people that I love and admire.

LF: What’s next for you?

HS: Well, after ‘Internal Energy’, I’ll be deinstalling the ‘Framework, Repition’ installation over at the Standard Hollywood and putting on a big, curated exhibition for the Juxtapoz Psychedelic book that I recently put together. It’s an official release event for the book and includes an incredible amount of highly reputable contemporary psychedelic artists as well. This is April 26th, Downtown Los Angeles at The Well. REALLY excited about it. After that, I have a project down in Mexico, and I just signed with a new commercial agent out in New York, so lots to come…

LF: How FAST do you live? 

HS: Fast and steady, and preferably on the sands of a remote island beach.

Make your way over to Slow Culture Gallery tomorrow from 7-10 p.m. for the opening of Hannah’s show “Internal Energy”.

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