Interview Series: Anna-Alexia Basile

Anna-Alexia Basile has been working the photography circuit in San Francisco pretty heavily for the last few years now. I first met her as a young photographer for Refinery29, where her photos of SF makers and shakers frequented the blog. But her latest travel work really caught my attention, with it’s spontaneous moments, underwater jaunts and soft film aesthetic (she admitted to loving the Fuji Instax).

Anna’s last minute wanderlust is what we wish we could do, you know, bucket list kind of trips.  She bought her plane tickets literally a few days before departure. Her trips to Sicily and Peru (pictured in the post) are a much-needed diversion from the everyday grind, which Anna describes as “Freeing”. Have a read of the interview below:


LF: Hi Anna! How is life?
AAB: Beautiful!

 LF: You’re work is showing up all over the place. How was 2013 for your career, who have you been working with, and what should we expect in 2014?
AAB: 2013 was a year full of change. I’d been shooting the same photos for a while and am enjoying pushing myself with new techniques and aesthetics. I get to work with so many amazing and talented people and would hate to leave anyone out, but I’m lucky enough to get to work with a lot of my friends. I don’t even know what I’m doing next week, little less what to expect of 2014.

 LF: Do you use film, or mainly digital?
AAB: My assignment work is predominantly digital, with a little film scattered here and there. I love shooting with the Fuji Instax. When I’m behind it I make completely different photographs.

 LF: Your boyfriend Jason Henry is also a photographer. Do you feed off of each other creatively?
AAB: Of course! We’ve mastered the art of sneaking into places we shouldn’t be and making the most out of each situation. Everyday is a new adventure and a fresh source of inspiration.

 LF: Anyone amazing you got to work with recently that you want to give a shout out to?
AAB: There are so many, but I’ve been especially vibing with babes Kiersten Stevens and Chloe Roth. Kiersten is one of the few people who immediately “gets” the image in my head, and she’s phenomenal at helping make it a reality. Chloe is One with words, both written and spoken, and always makes everyone laugh and feel super comfortable. These are two very shining people.

 LF: You’re a spontaneous traveler and you document your trips. What’s the beauty for you in last-minute travel?
AAB: It’s so freeing. I love being able to just pack up and get the fuck outta Dodge.

 LF: You spontaneously traveled to Italy and then Peru last, getting your tickets a few days before leaving. What are the challenges of this? How do you work it into your schedule?
AAB: The beauty of freelancing is that you can choose the timing and frequency of your adventures. There is nothing challenging in leaving for me because I know the second I step off the plane I’m going to be living, learning, and making photos. And to me that’s perfect.

 LF: Where is your next impromptu destination?
AAB: I have to keep this one like a secret.

 LF: You went to SXSW this year. Were you shooting it?
AAB: No, but I was on the other side of the lens, staring into the four beautiful eyes — err sunglasses — of Chromeo in a photo shoot for a large sunglass company that they’re teamed up with.

LF: A pic of you and Jason (taking a nap) landed in The Fader. How cool is that?
AAB: It felt so good to see myself with such a beautiful man in that photograph and think, “fuck, I really made it, this is everything I’ve ever wanted.” Jkkkkkkk

 LF: What were your favorite acts?
AAB: I loved Warpaint and Wet…but my highlight was, without a doubt, Ricky Rozay (Rick Ro$$) (The Bawse)!! You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take the years of Floridian butt shakin’ hip hop out of the girl.

 LF: What inspires you about music photography?
AAB: Music is such a full sensory experience. It does something special to our brains and our hearts, we feel it in so much more than just our ears. Like music, I think that music photography is about a lot more than the musician on stage. It’s about a large group of people connecting over the same sounds but experiencing them differently both internally and externally, all together at the same time. It’s one of the many beautiful things in life that brings different kinds of people together. Those moments are really special to photograph.

 LF: What gets you off, literally or figuratively?
AAB: Pretty light. It’s everything.

LF: How FAST do you live?
AAB: The nail polish never gets a chance to dry.

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