Cool Find: Trove Belts

It’s music festival season – the next two weekends are filled with that hot Coachella Valley, beautiful music, scantily-clad ladies and gents plus the opportunity for a spontaneous rendezvous. Warm air on your skin, the soft lullaby of the Pixies playing in the background and you finally are face to face with that person you’ve had your eye on all weekend at the campsite. Anything and everything is on the table and you’re never one to turn down a good time, but before you two get ahead of yourselves… are you wearing your Trove belt?


Better be prepared – nothing ruins a late-night adventure quite like unprotected sex. This new collection of classic, high quality belts brought to you by the folks over at Trove have a secret compartment beneath the buckle. Not only are they perfect for hiding condoms, they also can hold the rest of your music festival essentials: bills, some gum, a few aspirin and a pair of ear plugs.

I especially love Trove Belts because it means the dudes of my Coachella crew can stop trying to stash things in my tiny crossbody purse. Make sure you aren’t caught up a creek without a paddle aka hot and heavy ready to make poor decisions and cop a belt or two here!




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