Bathing In A Dreamworld, Kauai

I’ve always said I have two personalities; one that thrives in an urban environment and another that belongs in nature. While mainland urban life has its excitement, every once in a while my wild spirit needs a tropical get away to unplug, wander, and jump in the ocean. I set my sights on the serenity of Kauai – a land lost in time and full of travel lust.

Upon arrival, my cousin Ally picked us up in her ruggedly awesome white Jeep; our adventure mobile for the rest of the trip. I quickly learned that “No Trespassing” and “Danger” signs meant nothing to the locals on the island, and breaking the rules can be completely liberating leading to secret hideaways to roam.

We found ourselves on the edge of waterfalls, getting lost in coffee fields, swimming with sea turtles, catching rays on crystal clear beaches, hiking barefoot through the same jungle where Jurassic Park was filmed, and feeling completely smitten by the go with the flow Hawaiian lifestyle. I quickly realized that all I need in life is a Jeep, no shoes, and beautiful landscape to explore. Take a peek at our photo journal below. All photography by Cole Kiburz of Kachina Creative Studios.


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