Interview Series: Elias Tahan

Los Angeles-based fashion photographer Elias Tahan is currently dominating the scene, crafting classic photographs for lush editorial spreads that constantly have our jaw dropping. Drawing inspiration from both pop and film culture, Tahan has worked with a variety of celebrity subjects (think along the lines of Nicole Richie and Solange) and well-known fashion magazines (such as Vogue Italia and Galore Mag), creating an impressive resume all years before the ripe age of 27. Crossing over from up and comer territory into the world of established visionaries, Elias was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Check out the interview below to learn a bit more about his work, inspirations and future plans!



LF: How did you discover your passion for photography?

ET: High School, 2004 is when I graduated. I got a nice digital camera and it was magical to me. I started shooting students and school pep rallies and various activities around campus. Then I went to college and would skip class to shoot friends in desolate areas. I fell in love with the whole experience of creating an image and capturing an atmosphere.

LF: What is currently shaping your photographic vision?

ET: Intuition. I plan the overall mood and creative concept of a shoot beforehand but don’t plan things too meticulously when it comes to the actual shooting. I use my gut instincts when I’m shooting and let it flow.


LF: You’ve worked with a variety of subjects, including some very well known celebrities. What role do you think the subject plays in your photographs?

ET: They are a canvas. I like to capture the aura and essence of a person, but in an enhanced way. The way they would ideally view themselves.

LF: What part of a shoot do you find most difficult?

ET: Pre-production. Logistics.

LF: You’re a Los Angeles based photographer – do you find yourself traveling for work often?

ET: Yes, especially lately I am going to the desert which I love. I feel amazing there, I love California.

LF: Your top three all time favorite inspirations?

ET: It’s hard to choose but I definitely love Michael Jackson, Francis Lawrence, Mark Romanek. I am inspired by people with a deep dedication to their craft. Perfectionists.

LF: What can we expect from you in 2014?

ET: A lot of color!


LF: How fast do you live?

ET: I live fast but I don’t like to rush or hurry details, especially with my work. I don’t like overlooking things or doing things in a sloppy way. So I live relatively fast but still observant and aware 🙂




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