L.A.-based artist collective CYRCLE wowed the London art scene with the opening of “OVERTHRONE! POORING REIGN” at StolenSpace Gallery. The exhibition, a mix of sculpture with large-scale 2D art pieces, examines society woes such as vulnerability and fear in the human condition. The variety of symbols in the work invokes “a subliminal call to action… to overthrow the powers of doubt and oppression in the mind so we, the individual, can let go of fear and take power back.” We had a moment to chat with the dynamic creative team and they were pretty inspiring. The solo show runs through April 6, 2014. Check it:


LF: How are you and how was London?

CYRCLE: We’re good. London was awesome! Met up with old friends and artists, and basically ran around the city like wild people. So much love out there.

LF: Tell us about the symbolism and themes behind your new show, “Pooring Reign” at Stolen Space Gallery. 

CYRCLE: The subtitle of the show was POORING REIGN. The meaning behind the rain drop(s): Reign over the poor. Poor symbolizing the vulnerable. Visually interpreted, pouring rain drops paint the picture of the intense reign of power over the mind, as in oppressive thoughts and emotions like fear, doubt, anger etc.

The overarching concept behind OVERTHRONE is that the very idea of the reigning king’s power is nothing more than an illusion… A great myth. To overthrow this power is a result of mythsunderstood, understanding that our past and current perception of self is no more than a false pride, a myth. We are bowing down to powers that aren’t really there, like a dead king on the throne.

We chose various Ancient Greek and Roman mythologies as the muse to explore these ideas of the OVERTHRONE! concept. By simply flipping most of the imagery upside down the viewer is forced to understand what the art is portraying, and reexamine it’s meaning, and by redacting words the viewer is more likely read them.

LF: What are some of your favorite pieces in the show? 

CYRCLE: God, Man, and Devil. Also the revolution series for its simplistic execution, which best suggests the OVERTHRONE! concept.

LF: What was the greatest thing you came across on this trip?

The opportunities to meet new friends and think tank with other artists.

LF: Back in L.A., is it straight back to work or are you going to take some time off?

CYRCLE: What’s time off? Yes, already back to work on the next iteration of OVERTHRONE! … SCRAMBLE FOR POWER! We are also designing murals for Munich, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Istanbul, and Vienna. That’s all.

LF: Tell us a little about how you guys met and how CYRCLE came full circle.

CYRCLE: Originally CYRCLE. was three artists. Davey, Rabi and Devin. Devin and Davey met in 6th grade in Seattle. They had been painting together or years. Fast forward many years to 2008, Davey met Rabi on New Year’s Eve on a rooftop in Echo Park. They all collaborated on a collective art concept called The Fear, which quickly crumbled at it’s core. Some time passed and the three idiots came full circle and started CYRCLE. on 10-10-10, in Los Angeles. It was about us and about you so we dropped the “I” and replaced it with a “y”. In 2013, Devin parted ways to move in a different creative direction… Check him out: devNgosha.

LF: Can you tell us a little bit about your creative / conceptual process, who does what and how shit usually goes down in the studio and on the street? 

CYRCLE: We write our ideas or thoughts or philosophies on our studio walls, tables and refrigerator. From there we develop a concept when something sticks out. Together we build on the concept and create a structure to then begin the designing process. Davey usually decides how to marry the concept with the appropriate visuals. We then bounce ideas off of each other so that both of our unique perspectives are visualized. Rabi photographs, films and documents every step of the process. We execute all the fine art together. Rabi usually executes 80% of the murals. We are a strong team, a true yin and yang. Our strengths and weaknesses are tested daily.

LF: What are some current favorite techniques?  

CYRCLE: Screen printing, laser etching, and anything halftoned/bit mapped.

LF: What would you say are each other’s best qualities and worst flaws?

CYRCLE: Rabi’s best quality: Doesn’t always speak his mind. Worst flaw: Doesn’t always speak his mind. Davey’s best quality: He always speaks his mind. Worst flaws: He always speaks his mind

 LF: Tell us about the Doug culture.

CYRCLE: A Doug is anybody trying to make it in life, a Douglette is someone who hasn’t yet tried, and a Douglas is someone who has made it and is in the yacht club. A Doug’s opponent is a Richard Wellner.

LF:  What’s the most important thing you’ve learned so far in life? 

CYRCLE: Love is the answer.

LF: What’s next for you guys? 

CYRCLE: More interactivity, and deeper purpose and meaning behind the art and movement.  Traveling the globe and inhaling our surroundings. BLACK CYRCLE. And Davey wants lil Davey’s at some point.

LF: Last but not least, how FAST do you live? 

CYRCLE: Sometimes we live slow, sometimes we live quick. We’re sweeter and thicker than a chick-O-stick. Ummm it doesn’t matter cause WE NEVER DIE!

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