Wanderlust: Getting lost in Ojai

Orange orchards that span for miles, winding roads that weave in-between mountains, plenty of watering holes and fresh, crisp air. It’s no wonder why I have so much hometown pride when it comes to Ojai. Having grown up in this small valley nestled in Ventura County, I was ecstatic when I heard we were going to round up the troops for a day trip here. We set out to scout some locations for a few things we have in-store for you guys this spring and what ensued was a beautiful, albeit random, day of exploring.

Wearing our favorite pieces from KiVARi‘s debut collection, we piled into Ward’s 1984 Porsche, and drove a couple hours down the California coast in hopes of finding hot springs. While we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for, we certainly found enough to satisfy those wanderlust hunger pangs for a bit. Peep our travel journal below, photographed by Los Angeles based fashion photographer Ward Robinson, and hear about all about our adventure to find the mysterious hot springs of Ojai.


We began our day eager and excited, fueled by early morning coffees and great company. Pulling off to the side of the road to check out where we thought some hot springs could be, we galloped about in the cool February air.

After visiting a few watering holes with cold currents running through them, Roxy and I decided to let our frustrations go and just relax, enjoying the clean air of the lush valley.


Now, you may be wondering, how do I not know where the hot springs are after having lived in this small town the majority of my life? Great question. I was asking myself that same thing that morning. I chalked it up to a combination of my lack of direction and years spent as a reckless teenager living through hazy weekends.

_MG_5630 _MG_5591

We began to feel as if we were running in circles, chasing down hot springs that were probably housed on private property or had run cold with the changing seasons. To ease our stressed minds, we stopped off at a citrus stand on the side of the road for some laughs and a quick outfit change. Equipped with a security camera to make sure the public doesn’t steal their precious tangerines, we made sure the fruit stand owners got an eye-full.

_MG_5658 _MG_5688

Roxanna casually started juggling like a pro for about five straight minutes. I dropped all of my oranges with every attempt.

_MG_5695 _MG_5728 _MG_5763 _MG_5792

After fueling our brains with a handpicked lunch and slipping into our RVCA bathing suits, something finally clicked in my brain. I told Ward to pull off onto a small, beaten dirt road. It all began to look so familiar! The air was taking becoming slightly sulfuric and victory was close.

_MG_5815 _MG_5809 _MG_5829 _MG_5856 _MG_5839

Turns out we never made it to the hot springs. Instead we found a breathtakingly beautiful view, lungs full of immaculate oxygen, stomachs satisfied with a variety of citruses and our brains stimulated from good laughs and even better conversation.


Not all who wander are lost and, as we learned that day, being lost isn’t always a bad thing. As for the hot springs? We met a kind gentleman on our way out of Ojai who informed us that he had bought the property and planned on reopening it to the public in the coming spring months. Get out and explore, pick a random location with your babes in tow and see what happens – you never know what you’ll find. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for where we go next in our Babes on Tour series, we’re cooking up some features to satisfy our exploratory impulses and your sweet tooth for eye candy.


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