Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and women everywhere are panicking over what to buy their man. The quest for something functional, fashionable and thoughtful is always daunting. You don’t want to waste your money on an item that will collect dust yet you don’t want to give him an overly extravagant present that outshines what he bought you, thus leaving the both of you feeling uneasy. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Functional shoes, some wall art, toiletries, food and of course some sexy lingerie are what makes Live FAST’s list for last minute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Maison Close Lingerie

Let’s start with the obvious… This red set from Maison Close just may be your best bet for a Valentine’s Day gift that you will both love. Adorn your body in firecracker red lace and surprise him at the door for an evening that will have the both of you up all night.


Skin and Bones

This luxurious unisex moisturizer can be used on your face, body and hair, thus making it a great all-in-one gift for the more simplistic dudes. Chances are your guy probably doesn’t shop for luxury toiletries too often, so go ahead and spoil him. You won’t be able to keep your paws off his silky face after a couple uses of this stuff.


Mantry is an excellent concept – an artisan food-of-the-month club that delivers fresh food with a creative theme to your doorstep. What dude wouldn’t love this? With themes like “Smoke & Whiskey”, “Indian Summer”, and “Bourbon Breakfast”, you’re going to be requesting an dinner date in.


Supra “Red Hot” Collection

Supra, one of our favorite skate companies, released their “Red Hot” collection just in time for Valentine’s Day. Great for skating or a nice way to spruce up his closet, peep the Supra site for flashy hi-tops and functional low top skate shoes.

Poster Child Prints

Poster Child Prints has a great selection of art to gift your boy with. Whether you have some hidden resentment or you think your beau could use some fresh Neckface to hang up on his wall, they’ve got your back.



Obviously us ladies aren’t the only ones who love gourmet candies. Try getting your dude a box of chocolates from zChocolat as a Valentine’s Day game changer. Luxury french chocolates in a keepsake wooden box make for a masculine take on this valentine’s day classic.


Moonshine Cologne

A bottle of cologne called “Moonshine” may sound like a risky gift, but after smelling its musky scents of leather, black pepper, and patchouli, you’ll be begging him to make this his signature scent. Light enough to be worn daily, but still heavy enough to make any grom irresistible, this woodsy cologne is an excellent Valentine’s Day go to.

If you aren’t feeling any of these gift options, or if you’re just flat out broke, it’s time to get creative. To get him laughing, try making an A-Z list of inside jokes on cards. Thinking something a bit more wild? Make him sex coupons. A voucher for road head, anal sex, or to be his Princess Leia in some classic fantasy bedroom role playing are all ways to keep him on his toes this Valentine’s Day.

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