Hot Spot: Aire Ancient Baths New York

This year’s extreme cold weather in New York doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The chill of the long blistery winter days drafts straight through the walls of those old Manhattan apartments and it’s hard to escape – we know from experience. Also, you’ve got to be an expert in heels during the snowy morning commute and we salute all of the fashionistas and their stylist winter attire. That being said, there’s also something incredibly soothing about Manhattan in a snow storm, when the city slows down almost to the point of silence. If only for a moment. To get through the arctic temps and to breathe some life back into your bone-chilled body, book an appointment at Tribeca’s Aire Ancient Baths. It’s a life-changing experience.

Ancient Bath Pools

A feast for the senses, the baths were inspired by the legacy of the Greek, Roman and Ottoman baths. The thermal bath ritual begins with the “Tepidarium”, a warm water pool, then the “Caldarium”, a hot water pool and finally a head for a soak in the “Frigidarium”, the cold water pool. In more modern terms, this type of hydrotherapy (or extreme change in temperature) is believed to aid sore muscles, relieve the body of fatigue and increase mental alertness.

Aire Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Baths offers several packages to fit your soaking needs. The 90 minute thermal session offers various bath options: A warm water pool at 97°F, a hot water pool at 102°F, a cold water pool at 61°F, a steam room at 102°F, a propeller jet bath at 97°F and salt water pool at 100°F. There is also a relaxation room with hot marble, and a section of teas, juices and fruit. The spa also offers a thermal bath with various massage options.


Salt Water Pool

Warm Pool

Steam Room

Cold Pools


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