Hotel Tour: Sedona’s Adobe Grand Villas

Sometimes you just need to step away from your day-to-day life, forget about your obligations to the rest of world, and do something for yourself. Over the New Year I decided to do just that and set out on a 5 day, 2337-mile road trip… by myself. Making my way from Los Angeles, to New Mexico, and eventually ending up in Sedona, Arizona where I found myself at the subject of this hotel story, The Adobe Grand Villas.

All photos by Laura Austin

The point of this trip as a whole was a bit of a soul-searching mission… nothing fancy, just me, my thoughts, and my camera. I would normally crash at roadside motels along the way since I would get in late at night once I couldn’t keep my eyes open to drive any further, and leave before the sun was up to capture that amazing sunrise light. But once I made it to the Adobe Grand Villas my whole routine changed, because once I got there I didn’t want to leave.

Sagebrush villa

This place was far from your standard travel accommodations. They are considered a boutique bed and breakfast. But instead of staying in the spare room of someone’s house, each villa is its own entity with massive main rooms, kitchenettes, your own patio, and sizable bathrooms complete with a Jacuzzi tub and a fireplace. And when you enter your amazing “room” there is a freshly baked loaf of bread waiting for you, which was an incredibly nice touch.

The complimentary breakfast fit right in with the extravagance of the living space. Each morning a three-course breakfast is prepared to your liking by the personal chef and general manager Michael Merilli and served to you in either the charming dining room in the main building, or delivered right to your door where you can enjoy it at your own little table for two in your room. And if you really want to splurge you can make a reservation to have Michael as your personal chef for dinner. After experiencing how delicious the breakfast was, I can’t even imagine what dinner entails.

Did I mention that each villa is themed? From the western style Silver Spur Villa, to a hacienda, to the log cabin feel in the Whispering Pine Villa, and old-timey aesthetic to the Wagon Wheel Villa, each location’s attention to detail is incredible. With 16 different villas to choose from you can be assured that you can find one to fit your taste. The first night I ended up staying in the Sagebrush Villa and I enjoyed my stay so much and ended up staying a second night in the Visions Villa.

Visions villa 

I can’t talk about this place without mentioning the town of Sedona it is surrounded by. Out of my entire road trip this place was by far the most beautiful and intriguing place I visited. I spent both of my days there hiking around the amazing red rock structures, which encompass the area.

So if you are in the mood to take a romantic getaway, or just want to treat yourself in the most amazing way I highly recommend taking a trip to The Adobe Grand Villas. If accolades such at one of the “World’s Best Hotels” from Conde Nast Traveller, and “Top 25 Hotels In The USA” from Tripadvisor don’t lure you in, then the amazing accommodations, delicious food, incredibly friendly staff, and the breathtaking location should.

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